Sunday, March 13, 2011


This past week we have had a real pest. A Tow-hee. Crazy is what it is. Woke use us up three mornings pecking at his reflection in the mirror/sunshade Mylar on the bedroom patio sliding door. Wanted to ring his neck. First we covered only the lower part. Then he would fly up, flap flap, try to hover, and peck. so, we covered up 3/4 of the door. He would still fly all the way up, flap flap, and try to peck. then tried to fly into the window. OK, so, we ended up covering the entire door. He never bothered the other part of the door, as that has the screen over it, so it is a visible barrier.
Now, we always get a Poinsettia for our anniversary. Hb. just set it out. That stupid bird, is trying to drive what it is, away. He goes round and round pecking at the pot. Looking for it's feet. It also trys the 'domination' move. but bird can't mount flower pot. He actually spends all day at it. So, Hb. moved it under the Camellia tree. The bird is not afraid of people. guess I will try to change it's mind.
I found this on the web, because I don't have photo of my own. It's a good pic. I hope they don't mind. I couldn't find the photographer's name.

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