Thursday, March 31, 2011

ONCE- I HAD A GARDEN---------------

I always wanted a garden. I lucked out in marrying a man who also liked gardening.
so, we have always had some sort of garden , no matter where we lived. I loved flowers, and he grew lots of them for me. He wanted to send me roses. But, the florist roses died too soon. After that, Hb. started growing roses for me. So loving. so considerate. Beautiful roses. All colors. I particularly like broken colors. they are so festive. To have a bouquet at home, one has to grow
two dozen bushes.
Well, when we moved here, we only had room for about a dozen. We occaitionally cut a rose or two for inside. But, I decided to leave them on the bushes, so that I could look out and watch them bloom.
Last year, the garden was really lovely. Hb. made everything so healthy.
But, sadly this this year. No, roses, scruffy garden area. weeds, grass, sorrel, simlax, etc. pine needles three inches thick. Sigh.
Finally, there was an ad in our village paper. a gardener looking for supplimentary work. My dearest Hb. called, and so the garden was cleaned up, at a price, of course. It doesn't seem that he know much about cultivating roses. I just hope the allissum will come back.
One by one, all the things we liked to do, we have to hire someone to do it for us. I hate having to be dependent.

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