Monday, March 7, 2011


It was dark, the sun had set. A cool rain hissed and spit against the windows, as though to break the glass and bring the cold in. The window was sturdy and stoutly resisted. Even though the furnace was on, there were yet cold draughts in the corners. She had built a fire in the fireplace. Now it was more comfortable. The rain decided to come down harder and colder. A seemingly veritable assault. She got up from the chair and went to the kitchen. I will make me some hot Toddy chocolate. So she did. steaming hot, creamy, rich and fragrant.
She picked up the hot mug, with a potholder, to protect her hands and help the drink stay hot longer.
Walked by the sofa to get the lap throw, continued to the chair by the vibrant fireplace, quietly burning. as she settled herself in the big cozy chair. a small parti-colored poodle, rose from the rug by the fire where she had been drowsing, came over, sat up and pawed the air. The bitty companion was asking to come up. She in the chair set the mug down and patted her lap, Columbine was up almost before the lady had finished the pat. Poodle sniffed toward the chocolate. "no, no", none for you", you will get a treat later.
Columbine, sniffed in disgust. Turned around three times and settled down in the lap. fine, a lap is better anyway, she seemed to say.
So, they cuddled there, all cozy and warm, listening to the rain and drowsing.

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