Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dale was influenced by the song: You Don't Bring Me Flowers---.
He knew I loved flowers. especially, roses. So, where ever we lived, if there was any kind of space. He would plant a bush, or other things.
He tried florist flowers, but didn't last a week. When I became floral designer, we found out why.
(that's another story.)
Then when we moved here, my husband(dearest one) put in 15 bushes. and had a good time tending them.
since he passed the bushes and the garden began to go weedy. and dry. no one to care for it. I couldn't.
Finally, as Easter approached, I noticed something red on one bush. I went out and inspected it.
There was a single red rose coming on. the only one in the entire garden. I knew was from him.
Because, you see. It bloomed on Easter Day. Which I knew it would.
After that, I hired a gardener, and have been enjoying watching Dale send me roses, until I leave.
Here is a picture, it's not lush, but it's lovely to me.

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Changes in the wind said...

Oh how beautiful. So glad that you are able to enjoy it again and that it has encouraged you.