Friday, May 11, 2012


what a pace, as I leave this place,
sifting though the excess of my life.
so many decisions, what to take and
what leave.
how much I have, I can't believe.
I wanted very much to have a nest.
and place away from the world
where we could find some rest.
yes, our own citadel of solitude,
Because Life, can be so very rude.
What's interesting about this wish,
One time my husband came home and after he shut the door. He remarked, ugh, it's so depressing here, change your clothes and we will go out somewhere.
I kept our home calm and quiet, soft music. or TV on low. because I grew up in a chaotic home. My little poodle liked it that way too.
I was very hurt and bewildered. It took me years to talk to him about it. If things weren't at a light speed pace, he didn't know how to handle it. turns out his childhood home was chaotic too.
Took most of our married life to get stuff out of him.e was here.
Men, getting them to talk takes great finesse and patient perseverance.
In fact, I've learned more about since he passed away, than I knew when he was here.
I've come across things, as I sort through his things. Stuff I can tell, he hid, but did leave for me to find. Explains much about his psyche.

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Changes in the wind said...

You express yourself well through your poetry. Communication is such a vital part of relationship and sadly......usually not easy for men.