Saturday, April 4, 2009


Finally. A nice day. The 4Th. I had a dental appt. Getting a cap on a tooth. So, far it has gone OK. Then I had Hb. bring me home so, I could eat a bit. Then the TV cable went off. We had to wait until it was fixed. We had planned to go back out. They had no idea when the cable would be repaired--so-drat. We had to stay home and wait. Or there would not be any TV until the next day.
This the first time I have been able to go out in months, other than the doctor or dentist. ever. The cable was repaired by 4:PM. So, we went out. We had so been looking forward to going out. It was a lovely Spring day too. Actually it has been nice all week.
So. first, we went to a fabric and craft store I have been wanting to go to for months.
At the fabric store, there wasn't much of a selection. Because, people aren't sewing much. Mostly quilt fabrics. Quilt fabric are nice. But not as finely woven as dress material. However, I found two pieces that would do. One in blue and the one in pink. I purchased a skein of worsted weight polyester. I want to try and make a Granny Square Afgan. Similar to one I made very long ago. It may end up more a lap robe, than an afgan. Also, a 3yd. spool of Sage color ribbon. Just what I was looking for. Fairly successful shopping. Am usually not that fortunate.
I decided, I just might have the energy left, for the book store. Well, I did, sort of. But, I didstay too long. I was really tired after standing in line to check out.
I did manage to find three books of different content. The first is a book of directions for knitting tiny animals. The Geographic has the lastest about Hatshepsut. She is one of my fav historical heroines. The other book is a new edition of short stories by my favorite fantasy authors: Patricia McKillip. Her writing is so amazing.
Well, I made it back to the car and said to Hb. Ok, that's it. Go home now. He was most aminable.
I was tired for two days.

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