Friday, April 10, 2009


I rather miss having someone to to dye Easter eggs with. My older brother and I used to make on awful mess making eggs. There used to be decals and waxpencils to draw with. We would save a few eggs fpr the last, because Bud would mix up the colors and make icky tones to color some eggs. Drab, and eggplant, goose green, blood brown. Bleh! I always preferred pastels and brights. But, boys will be boys. A lot of the time Mom could hide the eggs outside. Many times in the snow. Sometimes, our dog Tony found the eggs before we did. He thought the eggs were just for him. Bud and Tony always split the loot. I ate mine myself. After about four eggs, I would give the rest to Mom and she would make salad. That was her and Dad's share. It would about a month before we could eat any eggs again. We rather got "egged" out.
We always had an Easter Party at our country school too. Sometimes with snow, sometimes without. Hated it, when there was snow. You know, I believe that maybe the last year or two. What we did, If it snowed, was that everyone brought an empty basket and made an egg to to give to each kid. Then we would exchange cards and eggs. So that made up for not being able to hunt eggs. That way we did have a nice Easter. Oh, yes. We decorated the blackboard and windows with Easter things. Bunnies, and eggs. cut out of colored paper. Things like that We would make small baskets of paper too. Those only held one egg though. They were just for fun.
After I was older, I colored Easter eggs with and for my kid brother. He was rather spoiled. You know, being the youngest is rather like having four parents. always someone telling you what to do and not do. Dave is 10 yrs. after me and 14 yrs. after our brother. Dave has always resented that. Typically, he always wanted to grow up too fast. Just him. Bud and I were content to take time as it came. Life was different for each of us.
I didn't get to make eggs with any of Bud's kids. Oh no. Paulette was too selfish for that. The only time she would bring the boys out to let us see them, was when she wanted something.
My younger brother has two boys. Different Mothers though. I don't think I got to make eggs with Ron. But, We got play together a lot. I mean we got to spend a lot of quality time together. And Dave's younger boy, also, Dave (but not junior, different middle name.) I was able to spend many Easters with him. We made many eggs together.
Since my Dad died, they have all drifted away. I tried to remain connected. But, you know it has to go both ways. So, I guess the connection was not that strong after all.
I believe I may have only attended one Easter service. Very special. Will write about that later.
The picture is of my basket of Eggs by Peter Carl Faberge' for The Franklin Mint. I have several Of the P.C. F. designs for The Mint. They are all quality items. I don't know why some people find them odd.


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