Monday, April 6, 2009


This is a picture of a new project. It is the first Granny square I have made since way before I was married. I decided I wanted to try and make another small afghan, maybe similar to the first one I made. That is the yarn I purchased last Thursday. I thought perhaps pink would inspire me. I do not have a pattern to follow. I just went on the internet and found some pictures and counted stitches and rows. I do have a bit of a problem remembering how to advance to the next row. So, I rip out a bit. But, I work it out as I go along.
The first little afghan I made, I used yarn that I had left over from other projects. Mom had told me to go out to the store room and go through some of my junk. And decide what to keep and what to throw away. Gah! What a chore. Well, I came across the box of yarn. I thought, what am I going to do with this? There really was a lot. I didn't want to just chuck it. So, I put it aside, and continued. Later, I took the yarn into the house. Mom, asked me what I had and I told her. "I guess I will see if there is enough for a small afghan". Mom replied,"humm, Ok."
I did get that project made. It came out more laprobe size. But, know what? I had to buy extra yarn to finish the thing. Came out short a few squares. And also the type of yarn to crochet it together!!!!! Hah! I ended up with some yarn left over.
Found out, that's rather par for the course.
When my parents moved to their new place, Mom kind of did the decor in a country style. So, she asked me if she could have my afghan to drape over the back of her new sofa. Well, what could I say? She was my Mother. It graced the back of the sofa as long as she lived. After she died. It disappeared. I have no idea where the afghan is or what happened to it.
Oh yeah, now I already have four banker boxes of yarn, accumulated over the years from various projects. HA,ha. But, none were suitable for what I have in mind. Isn't that just the way it is?
What I'm working on now may just end up as a pillow only. Because, I think I will need at least 72 squares minimum. For a lap robe.

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