Monday, June 22, 2009


Haven't been doing much. Been sick as usual. Try to work on getting a day or so, that I may accomplish something. But, I have discovered something. Very disconcerting. The very things I want to do. Desire to do, have become: 'HAS TO DO'S'!! Now that is not good. Isn't that the absolute pits. Now I have to figure a way around that conundrum. Or is it a dilemma? What ever, it is a nuisance.
I had ordered the catalog from Lion Brand Yarns, I looked through, and finally figured out a yarn, that just might work as trim to finish my afghan. So, since I can't get out, I made some little post-it arrows and indicated which colors and which yarn, that Michael's might have. My Hb. bravely went shopping. Well, as usual, they didn't really have what I was looking for. But, Hb. picked 0ut three skeins, he thought maybe I could use. We do have a different color sense. But, I took that in consideration. So, I am using the 'Homespun' yarn in 'Mixed Berries'. Close enough.
Our angels had helped him make a suitable choice. But, now I have not worked on the project much.
Hope I can get back to it, before I lose interest.

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