Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I just can't seem to get back to my afghan. I was afraid this would happen. But, part of the reason is, that my eye is really warped and it is is difficult to focus. Right where I need to see, it is blurry and double image. It also interferes with my reading.
It has been hot here for a few days and I have not been bothered by my IBS. I have been hungry for vanilla ice cream for a month. So we went to Walgreen's and bought a pint of lovely vanilla. It tasted so good after a hot day. So smooth and so creamy. I haven't eaten any since last summer. Last summer, I was able to eat ice cream for a month, before everything caught up to me again.
My roses were doing so well this year. But all of the flowers were fried by the sun.
We have tomato plants this year. We are still waiting for fruit to ripen. Tomatoes are a fruit you know. Actually a berry.

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