Saturday, October 31, 2009


I didn't feel up to making a new doll for Halloween. I'm really not into the 'holiday' as Americans use it. I prefer something a bit more pastoral.
So, I made up my own mythology for my Starry Night Mystic Lady. She is an original concept and drawing. Albeit, she is not really finished. So, we got our computers to behave themselves for awhile this afternoon and I scanned her in. I do not not want to ink or paint my original, so I printed off some copies onto art paper. I will do those and see how she looks. This is the only witch I have ever drawn. Never had the interest before. Didn't care for the sexist, misogynist versions out there.
So, hope you all had a nice Hallowed 'Een. Don't eat too much of the left over candy.

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