Friday, October 16, 2009


This year has been one IBS attack everyday, everything I try to eat gives me a stomach ache. I get so tired. I know, I have said this before. But, forgive me. this is my life. I have been reading some of my vintage Regencies. They are very quaint, compared to the ones now. And those at the time were considered very modernized. I haven't purchased a new Romance in a long time. Just can't relate to the type of story or the girl. The main characters are so insipid and so clueless. Of course the characters are only as smart as the authors.
There is another book we have been reading, that is an excellent background to the Afghan situation. The Book is titled:'Horse Soldiers', by Doug Stanton.
On the weekends. we watch the NASCAR series. We used to have favorites. But, that doesn't work. So, we just watch to see who is allowed to win this week. A lot of the time we do not even watch the entire race. We only watch the last half hour.
When a horse race is broadcast on a regular channel, I watch it. No favorite horses. Just like to watch the horses. Although, the filly, Rachael Alexandra was nice to follow. The owners and trainer have taken her out to rest for next year. She won everyone of her races this year. So she needs a break.

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