Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It turned windy. No rain for awhile. There was a wildfire near where the big one was last year. No homes lost. With wind, now there are leaves and pine needles all over the place. What a mess.
My Hb. and I are not wind tolerant. We both get headaches, even in the house. Hb. is really bothered by the wind. Makes him very irritable. I think it is left over, from working in airconditioning. Constant blowing all the time you know. Makes you feel a lack of control. Neither of us care for AC. But, luckily this past summer we had only a few days at a time that were hot enough. But, I set it on 79 degrees. worked better at that temp. Not too warm and not too cool. Last year I set the AC on 75 and froze my lungs. So I learned better.
The weather is all that changes. My days are pretty static. Boring.

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