Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We had our first real rain of the season today. It will rain tomorrow too, and then taper off. The rain storm is really the tail end of the Typhoon Melor. So it was a very heavy rain and high winds. Lots of flooding and serveral bad auto accidents.
It still amazes me, that when we have our first rain it ALWAYS takes people by surprise. They can't seem to remember from season to season how to drive in the rain. They are so unaware, that they feel blindsided. Dumb.
My Hb. and a dr. appt. this afternoon and he had to go out in it. It is not that easy to change appt.s. If one cancels, it's at the least, two months before you can get in again.
He drove carefully and got there and back ok.
The storm will move on tomorrow and we will spend the next few days, cleaning up after the rain and wind.

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