Saturday, April 10, 2010


Since the butterfly is one of my totems, I decided to look up something about the symbolism connected with it. Well, I must say. That was an adventure! It all depends on what country and culture you come from. And the meanings are all quite personal, which I had already surmised.
As it stands, as with any personal beliefs, choose whatever you feel fits.
Butterflies and birds are free,
to fly at will, and to be,
not bound to earth,
like you and me.
A symbol of:
lightness of being.
carefree joy.
makes a little gold bell,
in my heart to ring.
A moment in time to be remembered. I have only felt it one time in my life. A moment, without pain, detached briefly from all my pain in my heart and soul. The feeling was so alien, I wondered what was going on. What is this? Then I gave thought to what we did that week.
And, my goodness, this is what true happiness is? What it feels like?
I felt it that one time. I remember the feeling even now, even though I have not felt that special kind of feeling again.
Life came back on me. No true joy again. Sometimes I cannot even take a breath, it crushes so.
So, that's why I make pictures of young girls dancing with butterflies, the memory of that, one moment, one day.


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