Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I haven't been writing or sewing lately. Or even reading, although I did order about six books on the Renaissance from the library. I have five, waiting for the sixth.
What I have been doing, is some drawing. Just nice pieces about the the joy of youth.
I have already put up the butterfly one. The one this time. is my take on Flora from the Primavera painting by Botticelli. Always liked that picture. Always wanted to do my own version. Finally did.
My take is of Spring as the maiden, not the burgeoning Matron. The freshness of new flowers, the green meadows. She coming home with a lap full of wildflowers to make sachets for the clothespress. or whatever.
I am working on a colored one. I will put it when it's finished.
She was really fun to draw.

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