Thursday, April 15, 2010


A few years ago, my good friend who is into dolls too. Asked, why do I like dolls?
Good question. Her husband, after all these years, had asked her that question. I told her at that time, That I had no idea. I just am very attracted to them. So, since then, I have mulled over that question. Trying to find out just why.
The following essay, is as close as I can get for now.
I collect dolls. I love dolls. Dolls, dolls, dolls. They are they epitome of the ideal lady. Or children. Depending on the dolls you admire the most. I much prefer the representations of adult lady dolls. They have beautiful faces, beautiful clothes, and most of all, they have lovely smiles. Where the land of dolls resides and dolls come from, they always project happiness and congeniality. The dolls are cheerful and always smile. a land of fantasy where everyone is nice, and are good to each other. No jealousy, no envy, no spite. A cherished doll is loved, and does love back. the is a true charm of a doll. No criticism, no judgement. Just acceptance as we are.
DOLLS are dreams. They are faithful, loyal companions. never do they say hurtful things, neither do they gossip. Each doll is unique and has her own being, yet, at the same time be our Avatars, our other self. When we play, our own lives project on how we treat our dolls. By treating our dolls and toys with respect, we therefore can learn to be respectful to real people and all living beings. Dolls are our first best friends.
Having a doll with lots of clothing, children learn about style and dress. What is appropriate for different occasions. What color enhances or detracts our complexion.
Having a doll with lots of clothing was a dream of mine as a child. I didn't get until I was an adult and made my own. With 35 changes. Plus hats, shoes and accessories. Hand knitted stockings made by me.
A doll collector loves dolls for many reasons. But, they are an appreciation of art, beauty and gracefulness of the better things in life.
Grace, as in style, good manners.
Besides: " The Study Of Dolls Is The Study Of Human History". And that direction can help us better understand the whys of the human condition.
That is the slogan of the UFDC. Great organization.
This affliction also covers, art, science, history, commerce, textiles, crafts.
I came to that consideration later. Mostly, I love dolls, because they are 'Pretty' and I love beauty in all it's forms.

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