Saturday, April 17, 2010


We have moved so many times over the years, things become shuffled around, mislaid, misplaced, lost and forgotten. I have done two, or three past blogs on this subject. I'm always finding forgotten things.
Well, last week I was poking through my stock piled art supplies, and good grief, where did this come from. It was a VERY old art tablet of pastel paper. There are only three pieces in it. And two are dated; 1961, the other; 1962. My horses are the lighter weight horses, instead of the farm horses , Marc used. All of the subjects are , yes, Horses. My 'Franz Marc' period. I really was taken by both his art style and subject. I especially preferred his horses. Although all of his animals compositions are favorites. Later on I found and purchased an art book, all in color of all his works. Wonderful book. I sold it long ago when I needed some money. Didn't get a good price for it though. That was before the Internet and eBay. Nowadays, it would be way beyond anything I could afford.
Anyway, I found the tablet with the pastels, well, two pastel, one ink. I really haven't done anything like them since. Maybe I will again now. I'll have to borrow a book from the library, rather than buy my own.
Here are the green horses. I had done what I wanted to with them.

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