Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Now, I am not fixated about the Mardi Gras. We did go once. Back in 1977. It was great. I think though, that that was the last time The celebration was safe to attend. We had a lot of fun. Saw a lot of super costumes. ate too much rich food, and really enjoyed the sights around town. We even got to go out to a real working plantation. I think it is still around. Our travel agent had gotten permission for our group to attend and observe, a real Crewe party. We didn't mingle, but had to watch from a balcony. Although, what was nice, some of the main crewe members came up to talk with us. And to show us there costumes. I was totally delighted. I don't have have photos, as we don't do that. Because, well, other people really are not interested in seeing other people's vacation pics.
Because of the type of diary I was using back then, I never made any drawings or decorations in the books. No room. And all of this collage and altered book craft wasn't around. Even with my now using just the school style composition books. The first book, I began in June-1997. I only used as a straight journal. I didn't write much. I used that book for ten years. But, during the last two years, I began to decorate and do drawings and illustrations in my Journal, as I now call it. Therefore as I had never yet wrote a real entry to Mardi Gras. I finally got aound to it this month. So, even though Tuesday was " FAT TUESDAY'. I went ahead and made my collage and entry today. I think it came out, quite evocative of the celebration.


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