Friday, February 13, 2009


This is Philanthe. Her name means: "Flower Loving". Which is a good doll's name. I wanted to do something a little simpler clothing wise, than what I was sewing on. Eithne's new dress is going rather slow, and I was getting bored. So, I pulled out this doll, and decided to make a dress or two for her. They are just two piece pattern's, a bodice and skirt. No lining. No intricate seams. Very simple.
I carved this doll 33 years ago. She has a wood head, arms and legs. Like a porcelain doll and on a cloth body. She is 7 1/2 inches tall. Just a nice size to sew for. And an excellent 'Travel Doll'. But, this doll was based on the so-called: 'Queen Anne' dolls from the 17Th century. I carved about a dozen or so sets, back in 1976, for the 200Th Anniversary Bi-centennial. You know what? That time was barely noticed. Nothing much was done about it. Crying shame too.
The political climate at that time was ridiculus.
I sold serveral of the dolls. But, typically, after doing six or so, I got bored. I still have about six sets of doll parts in a box to be finished. Tried them on eBay. No interest.
Philanthe has her own shaker style box for her belongings. Another way to make her more authentic. All of her clothes are and will be, hand sewn. That is much more authentic for the era she represents.
She is signed and dated on back shoulder plate.

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Endment said...

What a lovely name.
Looks as if she is going to have a lovely wardrobe. It may be very simple but s-o-o-o- charming.