Wednesday, February 4, 2009


One of the things that really annoys me, is that Doctors seem to believe that patients have nothing better to do, than waste time waiting for the medical provider to get to them. Every time I have to go to a new person, I have to train them. They soon learn, that I do not wait. I will give them half an hour. Then I reschedule, and I'm gone. Inconvenient for them!!? What do they think it is for me? people are too passive, too docile and lack self confidence.
Although, if someone comes on and in dire straights, let me know. Just do not leave me hanging. I will make my own decision about what to do. The reception help get very discommoded on that. It is so inconvenient for them!!? Hello?
The medical have an overweaning sense of themselves. In their own minds, they are gods. Such hubris.
My time is valuable to me. It is not my fault I have to go see about whatever. I have tons of better ways way to spend my time, rather than getting sick or need a tooth fixed.
The opthomalogist I just went to. He was so brisk and impatient. I wanted to deck him.
Then tuesday. They told us one time. Then said the appt. was for later. We said ok, reschedule. We'll come back. ----"But'-----
I have another appt. Friday morning. Very, very in convenient for me.
So, don't be pushed around. You do have rights you know. And, most of all, get someone who can go with you a doctor's appt. That puts them the help in their place. Don't let them bully you.

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