Saturday, January 2, 2010


I know we have had a bad ten years. The Big Depression lasted that long too. But, people were hardy souls. Not that far from pioneers. Boomers were not used to deprivation. Came as a real shock. Prosperity they thought was like an artesian well, it just would keep on flowing. Not so, hum? Well, greed got the upper hand. Too much, too soon. Too much of a belief in entitlement. You are only entitled to what you earn by working for it.
You don't, on your first real job, go out and buy a brand new car. AND you do not then burden yourself with a house. That is stupid. You save money, not see how deep into dept you can get. As you may have discovered the hard way, Employees are expendable. All are replaceable.
Save your money, and then get what your need, not what you want. So, I'm preaching. But, it's what I told my nephews. However, they also had the same thing from their grandpa.
Anyway, maybe some lessons have been learned. So, let's all get back to making our beautiful USA the most prosperous country in the world again. And strengthen our leadership. All in all. Let me tell you, I have spent time in other countries. as much as I enjoyed the experience and seeing all that great history. I , at the end of my trip, I could hardly wait to get HOME again.
We are so unique, we have such a great culture. Not withstanding some of what is termed music.
(free speech should always be mindful of the sensibilities of other people.)
I personally have had a lousy year. I can only hope for something more congenial to come my way in the future.

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