Friday, January 8, 2010


We seem to have a strange thing with small appliances. We have to replace them every two years, at least. Microwaves, toasters, answering machines. Although, I think we had to replace the toaster twice, last year.
I think the toaster we have now is a very cranky grandfather. When the toaster pops, it doesn't go, ' snap or sprong, most toasters say,''pop' here is your toast, or, 'toast is ready'. But, this cranky one we have residing on the counter, doesn't serve the toast. It seems to irritatingly reject it. The sound the toaster says is," spuuroungge". and throws the toast out onto the counter. "Here's your toast, now let me alone". I tell him shouldn't be lonely, there is the coffeemaker and the microwave to keep him company. But, he is just cranky. Can metal toasters catch cold or something? Maybe he caught colic coming over on the boat. We have to put up with him, because he was all Target had available.
The coffeemaker is very mellow. Always has been. He is very easy going and his coffee is always good. Microwave, we've had for several months and we are still getting acquainted. But, he is trying. I don't know, but, they all seem to have male personas, so that's why I say 'he'. No, They are not named. I only named my cars and they were all 'she'.

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