Tuesday, January 5, 2010


After all I had been through this past year, come Christmas I decided I deserved something nice and something sweet. So, for Christmas I asked Hb. to buy me two model horses by Breyer. They are special edition NOKOTA horses. Look up those horses and see why they are special.
Then the other gift I gave myself is a couple of the new MOXIE dolls. They are very cartoony. I bought the Avery Christmas special and also, Avery-Bo-Peep Masquerade. They are fun. Not what I usually get for my collection. But, they are amusing and cheerful. I need lots of cheerful right now.
I usually don't buy modern dolls to collect, except for Barbie. Mattel has so changed Barbie, that I do not care for her anymore.
I just needed a new toy. As if-.
The deer is an antique, I have had it for many years and is a favorite. The dog figure Hb. bought in 2008, to keep me company, after a bad bout of IBS.

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