Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I went to see my eye doctor yesterday. Got the final eyeshot in a series. Next month he will evaluate me to see, how well the injections worked for me. He was giving me Avastin. I feel they were worth my nerves. Because, I was so nevous, I broke out in Nuero-dermatitus spots. Ugly red things, that take forever to heal. The spots on my scalp are the worst. They itch and burn, until I can get something on them to stop it. Drives me crazy. Scalpasin helps.
I hope to get new glasses before my evaluation. So, I can see the chart better.
We are having some heavy storms. Washing away cliffs, flooding streets, blowing down trees. Thunder and lightening. WOW!! We need the rain, but boy, what a delivery.

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