Monday, March 15, 2010


Have you ever heard of: "neural-dermatitis"? Well, my life was and is in such a miserable place, that I broke out with it last summer. The spots heal v-e-r-y s-l-o--w-l-y. On my legs and body, it wasn't so bad. Just unsightly. But, when it broke out on my head-------misery and pain. Unrelenting. Yeah, went to dermatologist. All she did was identify and diagnose it. That's it. No suggestion for treatment or anything. I asked for something to put on it. She gave me on ointment that made the scalp and spots sting, itch and burn even more!!!!
So, as usual, I have to deal with it myself. By, trying this and that, I can sometimes get relief. And I sleep a lot. Seems when I lie down, changes the blood flow and eases the discomfort. For awhile. The dermatologist sent me to a psychiatrist to get some tranquilizers!? So I did. They make me sleep. Ok, fine.
I still have my IBS and my AMD on top of this. Besides there is some dental work I need done. Therefore, I just have not been up to blogging. Haven't been able to think about doing any thing at all creative.

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