Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yeah, well, my mother's father was Irish. Always been proud of that. Along with my smidge of Native American. One of my ancestors was here to greet (sic) the other ancestor. All in all, they both had something in common. But, you know what? The Native tribes are ahead of the Irish. They have had tribal lands returned to them, while the Irish are still working for the return of Independence.
No, I'm not an activist. However, I do recognize a wrong doing.
After all, it was the Irish and Scot's who created Our America. They definitely were well acquainted with oppression and deprivation.
Pretty good job they did too. Everyone considered the Irish to just be drunkards and brawlers.
And Saint Patrick's Day is a good time to thank them and be glad we were so fortunate, every day.
Next best day, --AFTER-- The 4th. of July- our Independence Day.
I was born with red, white and blue flag tattooed on my heart.

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