Monday, March 22, 2010


I have been playing with my collection. As I said before, I really do not usually collect modern dolls. But, when I found the 'Only Hearts Club' sets on Amazon, that so took me back to when I was 12, my two cousins and I had a 'season of horses'. The toys evoked such a strong feeling of nostalgia, that I decided, why not? I looked them over carefully, trying to decide which set to purchase. I found, one of the Karina dolls, would come to live with me, because even though, she has blond hair, (I always wanted to be blond) the doll has green eyes. (I have green hazel eyes. By the way, there are four colors of 'hazel' eyes.)
Karina has a horse too. Each doll does too. This Karina came in a 'pink' western outfit. Perfectly appropriate. When I was 13, I HAD to have a western outfit for the fair and rodeo that year.
I ordered the toys, and they came quite quickly. I am pleased, because, now I have a doll to go with my soft toy horse collection. The horse with the tack, is Karina's. The others are collected. There are two more that aren't in the picture.
The doll is 9 inches tall.
After a bit, I took a long look at the doll. She somewhat resembles my cousin 'Avis'!!

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