Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We had several days of fog last month. really thick, down to the ground, swirling around the trees, becoming tangled in the bushes. Dew, dripping from the new leaves. I have always found the fog be somewhat mysterious. Where did the fog come from? It would appear in places far from water. Twin itself around mountains, or making the lowlands damp.
Finally, last month, I was up early in the morning, heavy fog had been predicted. the airports were already steeling themselves to deal with frustrated travelers.
I decided to go out and look around at the fog, twining, wafting, drifting about the trees and landscape.
Wait? what's that? I stopped, stood still and quiet. There dancing about, I spied something. A chill went through me. No, it wasn't fear, it was the thrill of seeing something otherworldly. Oh, my, heart, it was a figure. One of several. A small troop.
I could not believe my eyes. Surely, I was dreaming. I closed my eyes. opened them again. It was true, I was treated to a vision of fog fairies. They were real. They were moving my way. I gasped, softly. But the lead one, a female figure, looked up, I had caught her eye. She looked right at me. Surprise, flickered across her countenance. Then she waived her hand, twirled, and the entire company vanished. But, not the fog.
The next thing I knew, I was in the house. And no memory of how I got there. And---my feet were not at all wet or even damp.
But, I did have the memory of my dream or vision. I quickly went to my desk, sat down, and this is the picture of the lead figure that I saw. I shall never forget it.
Copyright: 3-2-2010

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