Monday, March 1, 2010


Some days my situation almost defeats me. But, my parents were good role models and taught me how to endure and survive in the midst of adversity. Thank goodness. Or I don't think I would have stayed around this long.
I always try to find new things to keep my interest. The tragic things that go on around the world are something I cannot solve. One does what one can, and leave the rest to those who have the resources. You try to have the wisdom to tell the difference. Otherwise= you go nuts.
although on days like this, I just want to screaming out the door and down the street. At home at the mill, I could go out to the woods, or my grandfather's fields. No one would hear or care. If they heard anything, they would think it to be a coyote. Or a cougar. A cougar's scream sounds very like a woman's.
Since we live in a large town, a hick town that has delusions and aspirations of being called a 'city'. Even though the population is about 500,000 0r more. The place has a bad case of 'spread'. When I first came here, it was lovely, all orchards and truck gardens and flower greenhouses. Now it's all glass and concrete.
The main attraction for me and why I stay, it's only an hour to 'the' city. I love the city too. Tried to live there for a year or two. Found out, I couldn't live without 'trees'. So, came here to go to university.
Where we live now are lots of trees. a huge pine just on the other side of our patio wall. I call him, 'mr. hulk'.

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