Monday, May 10, 2010


This is the book I am reading now. I had seen it it back in 1987. There was a huge fad going on unicorns, fairies, angels and dragons. I never follow fads. Am a horse fanatic. I choose my own interests. So, I didn't buy this one back. Just found it again recently. I only borrowed it from the library, because I was drawing my 'flower girl' and needed more research on the flowers used in the old tap estries.The bonus is, I found out a lot of lore about the unicorn myth and legend I never knew before. Learned a lot about the mythic symbols of flowers and plants.
Very nice book, well written, clear and concise.
This my own copy. After reading the library copy, I decided to get my own copy. Bought it on Amazon. practically unused. Got it for a great price too.
The unicorn is a seasonal creature. and identified with moon. Now I finally understand the point of the story: 'The colt from Moon Mountain', Dorothy Lathrop.

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