Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In a previous entry. I wrote about the tiniest horse. OK, opposite end. Here is 'Jake', he now is classified as the 'tallest' horse, in the world. Jake is a Belgian, and stands-almost 6 feet 11" at the whithers. The previous horse is a Clydesdale.
Jake is shown with his friend. a very little gray horse, named, Nemo. I saw a video of Jake, his owner was showing him off. Jake has the nicest gate. a smooth show canter, makes him seem to just float. Nice.
I love horses. And I really like friendly animals.
In an accompanying article, there is picture of the 'biggest' horse in the world. a huge white horse in Australia. The horse is taller and bigger than the gazebo they have posed him by. These horses must be carrying a recessive gene that produces a throwback to the time of the giant mammals. The only really true species of large horse now, is the Ardennes, in France. Before i make a claim like that, I probably should consult my horse books.

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