Friday, May 28, 2010


I found this little piece in an old magazine. Unfortunately, at that time, the photo copiers were rather primitive. And I won't be able to include the lovely drawing the goes with it. It wasn't clear to start with and it's faded.
But the story is fun.
So, for any doll lovers that may unintentionally run across this site--I give you:

by: Rebecca Deming Moore

Now, Anne Marie Jane MacGee
was not a doll of high degree:
In fact, she was extremely small
And hadn't any points at all.

Sue bought her at the corner store--
A ten-cent piece, she cost no more.
but, Susie thought her very sweet
And set out to make her very sweet.
She cut and basted, stitched and sewed
Till there were gowns in every mode.
There was a sailor suit of blue,
A yachting cap and sweater, too;
A jumper dress of vivid pink,
a lacy hat made in a wink,

Some fresh, cool frocks for summer trips,
A bathing-suit for ocean dips.
(As Annie was a china doll,
A dip would harm her not at all.)
She had a party dress of white
(Indeed! it was a lovely sight.),
A scarlet coat, both thick and warm,
To shield her from the winter's storm.
As if this were not enough,
Sue added, next, a tie and muff.

Now, Anne Maria Jane MacGee
Has had her share, won't you agree?
But, she won't be a stuck up doll
For Mother's piece bag furnished all.

The doll, I think, may be a 'frozen Charlotte type' china doll. Or a small all porcelain like these. The doll on the left is 4 1/2" tall, and from the 1920's or 30's. The doll on the right is pre-1900. All porcelain, and 4 1/4" tall.
I crocheted the little dresses.

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