Saturday, May 1, 2010


I just saw a story on yahoo about April being poetry month. Amazing. Poetry needing labels!? What, it should rated as movies are? I don't know. Maybe the solution would be a vetting system.
Another thing. I was reading the comments to the story. Some brave person admitted, that they didn't 'get' poetry. That is really too bad. But, maybe they are just not into reading either.
Prose is the communication of the mind.
Poetry is the voice of the spirit.
Music is the expression of the soul.
I know I was disappointed to find my youngest nephew always fell asleep when he tried to read. I unfortunately was not around enough to keep him interested. So, he does videos instead.
My step=half-nephew- Beau, he is my full nephew's half-brother, well that kid is a total bookworm. Thank goodness.

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