Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I've always wanted
a place of my own,
where I could have some time alone.
my room, my garden , my private bower,
Where I had space for maybe on hour.
Ten minutes, 15, 30 minutes,
whatever I could take
To write, draw, paint or sew.
Time to create.
Or, riches,
read a book.
Before I knew it,
Mom would from the kitchen
down the hall.
"come here and do the dishes",
she would call.
"do the ironing, mop the floor",
after that will be more".
So I put down the pen, the brush,the book,
or put away the needles and pins.
I'd reply, "coming, in a min".
I didn't mind helping Mom,
because the home was my house too,
It's just that she always
had something for me to do.
Being creative was a waste of time.
There are more important things
to learn.
Oh, well, another time.
Time is not made to burn.
Reading if not at school,
is frivolous and
is only for a fool.

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