Sunday, June 27, 2010


I never seem to have the talent to make friends. there was a couple of girls who were in my grade. we all went grade school together. but, soon as we hit Jr. high and high school, they dropped me, like I never existed. I am a nice person, maybe too nice one girl said. !!? I refused to be excluded in a lot of things. So, I just insinuated myself. Hated GYM. Lucille Crumb and I were always the last to be chosen. You know what, in a case like that. Just draw straws and choose the awkward ones first. Get the misery and embarrassment over with. Then you still have the choice of the adept players. Man, I hate sports. But I Like NASCAR though. When I was young, I could have outraced those yoyos, three to four times a year at least. I rather tended to have a fearless streak in me, like a guy.
I did it again. I digressed.
In Jr. college, lived the new dorm. Really liked it. They seemed to approve of me. Got along fine. Some of the girls asked if they could come spend a weekend with me at my home. sure, I just let Mom know. But, none of the associations lasted.
Later at State, I shared an apartment with Frieda whom I grew up with. so, never met anyone at school. our other roommate, by then we three had rented a three bedroom house. Really nice)
We joined a singles group at the Presbyterian church. Dated a few, never made friends with any girls. After Frieda married, a girl I had classes with, knew I was looking for a new place. Anelda said, we have room come stay with us. Now they were fun. That made five girls in a two bedroom apartment. That's another story. How did we all fit? Bunk beds. But, they gave me the single bed. Very generous.
Kept in touch with them a long time, but even then, we drifted away.
Enough for now.. But, I don't seem to have any staying ability for making and keeping friends. They all, I guess find me boring and drop me.

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