Sunday, June 20, 2010


I haven't ever made an entry about my Dad. Maybe you thought my relationship with wasn't good. Quite the opposite. We were very close, we were buddies. almost the same as a boy and father were, except of course, I was daughter, not son. but, I did have two brothers.
It was Daddy who taught me about life, what to value, what wasn't necessary. To be honest, don't lie. (Lying is too complicated, and you end all tangled upside down in a brier patch anyway.) Most people seem to think they can lie their way out of-what. Idiots.
Dad taught me how to drive,what makes a car work. And taught me the value and pleasure of learning to read. Be honest, trustworthy, And the value and reason to have a good education. Another thing, he showed me the need to handle money. So many Life skills, the road map to to navigate the ups and downs, you run into.
No matter what I did, he was there for me. One time I was on the way back to college, and half way there, my Buick conked off on me. It was after 10-0r 11:pm. I made it to the motel and lucky, they had a room. so I checked in, and called my parents as to what to do. We didn't have triple AAA. I was 4hrs. away. My Mom and Dad, got dressed, told my kid brother go to his Aunt, then took off and drove through the night to come help me. I mean, is that Love or what? They were great. They would have done the same for my brothers too.
If we needed them, they were always there. Not 'helicopter'. Just love and responsibility.
I miss them, yet. They were not just my parents, they were my best friends.

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