Sunday, June 6, 2010


Or, rather-'spelng be'. Really! Did you see in the news, about the nitwits picketing the Bee in Washingto,D.C.? ttey say American English is hard to learn!! Gosh, things are hard, when you have to actuallyapply yourself.
Why do I HAVE to learn all this? Why do you have to go to school.
English is not a language that has formal construction. English is a trader's language. Formed here and there by migrating peoples. Put together BY wandering tribes looking for new lands and hunting grounds. By traders picking up the words AND new trade goods, that would be gathered and taken to a trading center. The language has a very rich history.
Kids do not care about school, because their parents didn't, lazy makes lazy. When my older brother and I asked our mom and dad that. They both set us down and explained the facts of life.
you can't get a job to work and have a life. You can't handle money, you can't drive car. Because you need to read, write(spell) and do maths. Or you do not get any place in this world.
Even though our economic situation is pretty poor right now. We still have to learn. The kids coming along, they are the future of our country. Because, if they aren't educated, we become a third world country.
Do you really want to live in a cardboard box?

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